17 December, 2007


This is an image from the animation 'WOFL' by David O'Reilly. He made it when he was working for the company Fabrica, who are part of Benetton's Communication and Research Centre.  It tells the tale of a young wolf who comes across a dead friend and drags the body to a point high on a hill before settling down into the 'oroborus' position for his hibernation... over the course of his hibernation his comrades body is decomposed and becomes part of the earth and they meet in spirit with the birth of spring. Apparently Fabrica were not very impressed by his work, but I think it is one of the most beautiful pieces of short film I have seen in a long time. He is currently working on a piece entitled 'Serial Entoptics' which features the music of The Knife.

I found the piece while researching the image of the 'oroborus' which is represented by the two circles in our logo. I will be doing something in the near future based around this image using old alchemical carvings and illustrations.

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