28 November, 2007

Death of a Maiden

A very good friend of ours died yesterday. She had been a great addition to the store and her presence on the counter will be missed... 

She was given to us by the kind Bloomsbury Flowers on Great Queen Street. I think for christmas we'll just settle for trailing ivy, but in the new year we'll be looking for another friend like her.


She is certainly orchidaceous, but I'm not completely sure of which type. She is yet to flower but as soon as she does I will post some photographs so she may be immortalised. The lovely people at Bloomsbury Flowers are too good to us! 

26 November, 2007

Cy Twombly

Recently, Cy Twombly has been occupying a lot of head space in twosee... His aesthetic perfectly describes the way we feel going into SS08.

After looking at his Wikipedia entry, we were delighted to see he still inspired people to forget themselves...

"...On July 19, 2007, police arrested artist Rindy sam after she kissed one panel of Twombly's tryptich Phaedrus. The Panel was an all white canvas, and was smudged by Sam's red lipstick. She is to be tried in a court in Avignon in October for 'Voluntary degradation of a work of art'. Sam defended her gesture to the court: 

"[trans.]...All I did was a kiss. It's a gesture of love, when I kissed, I wasn't thinking, I thought that the artist would've understood... This gesture was an artistic act provoked by the power of Art."

Let's just say that as we approach the new season, the store will be undergoing a serious transformation. The interior will be inspired in part by the beauty of Cy Twombly's paintings.

Let's hope that we don't fall foul through our own unrequitted love though. It seems that Rindy was made to pay for her 'Act of love', as the defence claimed:

"...Agnes Tricoire, lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the kiss was "as aggressive as a punch," causing damage that was just as hard to restore.

"I do not share the same vision of love. For me love requires the consent of both sides,""

She was ordered to pay 1500 euros on November 16th, as well as a symbolic one euro to the artist himself for damages...

21 November, 2007


... so the new website finally went live. Please check it out! It's been split into two parts; the main site, where you can find out a little about the store and it's people, and the online store. The online store was illustrated by Lovisa Burfitt whose line, Burfitt,  we carry too. She's very well-known in Paris and her native sweden as an illustrator and it's been a real honour to work with her. She illustrated the main opening page and the titling... [to link directly to the store go to here.] I love her illustrations, but despite her promises she gave the naked man and woman dignity! For the main site we are doing something quite different... Every month there will be an editorial based 'trends' section. We'll be working with a lot of people who are close to the store. The first photoshoot has been photographed by our very own Amarpaul Kalirai, and it's a gothic inspired shoot called 'Broken Flowers'. He's been shooting a lot recently for Super Super magazine, as well as working with the ethical brand Amana. The photograph here is the opening shot from the shoot, isn't it great? The response has been really positive so far... At the beginning of december there will be another photoshoot going live; think Benny Hill, Brighton saucy postcards and cheeky traditional english smut... It's all getting a little bit 'Carry On Christmas'

... the illustrations Lovisa Burfitt made for our online store ...

This hybrid image is the image that is being used for press. It features both the male and female forms that Lovisa illustrated, and makes it more blatant that the circles in the online store, overlayed onto the images, represent the twosee brand.