17 December, 2007

HOT CHRISTMAS by Tim & Barry

I think that in this case, actions do indeed speak louder then words. Rather than try and explain what Tim and Barry have done for us it's best if you just take a look; click this link and hover over the letter 't' in 'twosee'. Click on it when it changes to the word 'trends' and follow the links to get the full size images with animation... Genius. It seems to capture the essence of christmas itself, with it's over the top tack and it's lack of tact. 

We have worked with Tim and Barry several times in the past, most notably on the 'Gollierock' exhibition that was held in the basement of the store from May until July. This exhibition was basically a retrospective of their work from the last five years born out of a series they made for the designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac...

Jean Charles chose Tim and Barry to photograph a series for his exhibition during the summer at the Musee Galliera. This was to be a huge retrospective of his work entitled 'Gallierock'. They were asked to photograph a series of portraits of people from London wearing his archive material which was sent over to the store. There were some astounding pieces sent over, including a life size teddy bear head! As they began to photograph people wearing these 'creations' they called on us to help them chose some London faces for it. Jean Charles was very eager to have a selection of creative people that would understand his 'art' and where he was coming form... We helped them by getting together a number of personalities, including; Matthew Stone, Bishi, James (Boombox), MIA, and our buyer Anthony Stephinson (all of these images are on Jean Charles' website under a section called 'Tim & Barry). These portraits were placed in a corridor-like room with a giant throne at the end. The idea being that you could walk down this 'rogue's gallery' and then sit in the throne for your own fifteen minutes of fame. It seemed fitting that at some point these photographs should be brought back to the people in them, and therefore, to London. We formulated the idea for 'Gollierock' at twosee with this in mind. 

Alongside the photographs from Paris, we exhibited their documentary work of the london 'Grime' music scene. The exhibition was sponsored by New Era Caps, who made limited edition caps for us that were sent to the first 200 respondants to the exhibition. The flyer (pictured) for the exhibition featured Jean Charles himself, cementing the close relationship that we have with him.

It seems that the story we have entered with Tim and Barry is far from over, as the HOT CHRISTMAS shoot proves... We tread common ground.

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