02 December, 2007

"For Him...

What men really want. By the fashion designer Gareth Pugh [Independent New Review today]

2. Jeremy Scott's Burger Bar T-shirt, £185.00

This has a graphic of a burger-bar-shaped spaceship with the name "Jeremy" on it; it's classic tongue-in-cheek from someone whose work I always enjoy.
To See, 17 Monmouth Street, London WC2, tel: 0207240 7692, www.twoseelife.com"

It's a shame they spelt the name of the store wrong, and strange as it is part of the web address, but nice to see such an interesting piece in the Independent as a gift idea of What men really want... If you'd like to take a look at it on the online store then CLICK THIS LINK

Also, to see the article properly click on the image and it will appear in a more readable size.

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