08 September, 2008


As fashion week blur's into fashion month, you may experience so many brand new sights, smells and sounds it could just fry your senses, but don't fret...this night might just sort you out....

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Man About World said...

Hey Gabriella. Three questions:

1) was that you at the Digitaria party tonight? If so, sorry I didn't come and say hello...facial recognition's never been my strong point

2) What's going on with twosee? We miss you guys BIGTIME.

3) Are you coming to Paris?


Gabriella Marina Gonzalez said...

Hello, Wow this is about six month late. for what its worth...

1) Digitaria now Machine-A in Soho, Yes it was! They stock my collection.

2) Twosee is no longer and it's a shame cause I have yet to see the particular vibe and style that Anthony Stephinson brought that store and London recreated at another shop.

3) Not been to Paris in a while but if i'm not too busy or burnt out I will consider going.

Hope your all good! GMG