03 June, 2008

twosee is now at 21 fouberts place...

Having outgrown 17 Monmouth Street, we have moved and we are now settling into our new location. The original store is closed and everything is in place at 21 fouberts place: within minutes from Oxford Circus tube, and just off Regent St, Carnaby St, and Conduit St. I think you’ll agree it would be tough to sit more centrally. As loyal customers to the store we thought it only right to give you all an insight. I have been looking at Cy Twombly in the process of designing the new store’s interior. In the last few months I have made the pilgrimage to the Tate Modern 6 or 8 times just to go into the Twombly room and gaze upon his ‘Quattro Stagioni’ (Four Seasons). It seemed fitting to work with images that were ‘seasonal’ in the creation of the interior. In particular it was his use of colour that inspired me. He has an incredible ability to juxtapose the subtlest shade of flesh or linen next to a slash of sunshine yellow, or cadmium red. This contradiction was the starting point. 

I am working on the construction with my design partner Andres Ros Soto, whom I worked with two years earlier on the Number 22 store on Carnaby Street. There have been many transitory periods; but the constant in designing the new twosee has always been Twombly and his skill as a colourist and his seemingly haphazard, but in reality, inscrutable sense of composition. It came as such a welcome surprise to have Twombly's retrospective coincide with the new store opening. Just as in a Twombly, the devil is certainlyin the details with our new space. The rails are made from Purpleheart wood, imported from Brazil, and the brass is being made bespoke in Mexico. Purpleheart is a beautiful wood, which is naturally purple when exposed to air. Over time it loses it's hue and becomes a deep reddish grey. The space is cut through with slashes of full-length mirror spliced together by porcelain floor tiles. But. for the rest, you'll have to come in and see... We are open 7 days a week, monday to saturday 11am-7pm and sunday from 1pm to 7pm.

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