14 April, 2008

OVERVIEW: twosee's collaboration with flyKKiller

FlyKKiller are long time friends of the store. Having been chosen by the Sunday Times as one of the acts set to break through in 2008, who are we to argue. As a group they represent the meeting of minds between Stephen Hilton, who works with David Holmes (most notably on the Free Association project), and Pati Yang, who has had a successful electronic music career in her native Poland since she was 18. They were given a residency at The Fly Bar in London and asked the store to collaborate with them. We promised 'happenings and disturbances' and happenings and disturbances we gave... For the most recent installment in the residency we performed live 'geometry' using compasses, rulers, set squares and all sorts of scholarly equipment. Pati wore head-to-toe Patrik Rzepksi from the store (see the picture below) and David Holmes Dj'ed.

We attached large sheets of paper to places in the venue that were unavoidably walked upon, and then took our time to approach each sheet with the equipment, and drew out complex geometrical shapes. They were shapes that architects throughout the ages have used in the construction of celebrated buildings, drawn in charcoal, so that as they were tread upon they were erased: gone but not forgotten. The audience took a great interest in the geometry and people asked questions, they wanted to give their own opinion on fibonacci, or gnostic symbolism; it felt appreciated and necessary. It seemed like they were genuinely interested in the whole: both the band and the 'happenings and disturbances'.

This was the final chapter in the collaboration, but word has reached us that it may be moved to the Water Rats in Kings Cross and our services may be called upon again!

[The top Pati is wearing is sold out, but the leg pieces and high waisted shorts are available online at our online store HERE - Please check out their debut album 'Experiments in Violent Light' which was released on FLYKKLLR RCRDS at the end of last year, click HERE to buy it from Amazon.]

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