24 February, 2008

FLYKKILLER 13th March 2008

Flykkiller are long time friends of the store. They represent the meeting of minds between Stephen Hilton, David Holmes' partner in The Free Association, and Pati Yang. They have been invited to take over The Fly Bar on New Oxford Street and in turn they invited us to join in. We shall be working as a creative collective, with all of the staff getting involved in some way to provide 'visual happenings and disturbances'. If that doesn't intrigue you enough on it's own then please check out their myspace, and you'll soon realise how great their music is... They were tipped by The Sunday Times as one of the acts to blow in 2008, and so far, they look unstoppable.

To buy advance tickets for this event, CLICK HERE.

We look forward to welcoming you a little more into our world...

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