21 November, 2007


... so the new website finally went live. Please check it out! It's been split into two parts; the main site, where you can find out a little about the store and it's people, and the online store. The online store was illustrated by Lovisa Burfitt whose line, Burfitt,  we carry too. She's very well-known in Paris and her native sweden as an illustrator and it's been a real honour to work with her. She illustrated the main opening page and the titling... [to link directly to the store go to here.] I love her illustrations, but despite her promises she gave the naked man and woman dignity! For the main site we are doing something quite different... Every month there will be an editorial based 'trends' section. We'll be working with a lot of people who are close to the store. The first photoshoot has been photographed by our very own Amarpaul Kalirai, and it's a gothic inspired shoot called 'Broken Flowers'. He's been shooting a lot recently for Super Super magazine, as well as working with the ethical brand Amana. The photograph here is the opening shot from the shoot, isn't it great? The response has been really positive so far... At the beginning of december there will be another photoshoot going live; think Benny Hill, Brighton saucy postcards and cheeky traditional english smut... It's all getting a little bit 'Carry On Christmas'

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Queen Vic said...

I totally heart Twombly. Can't wait to see what you do with the store TwoSee. Much love, Queen Victoria